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You choose who You are
by choosing Your beliefs
My heart still believes
allthough deceived by destiny

It needs to choose light, always light
keeps it alive
or the longing just ends all
ends this life a little faster by pain

If You have chosen another path
then I`ll be freed from earths bound
for Yours was the only shadow that kept me here

Dreams taught me to fly and loose the form
and if You cry no more, then
I`ll bless You one more time, love
may Your path lead to the blooming flower and to heart of all things

Lonely and free
I`ll mingle my beeing
in the Great Divine
oh please Osiris, let me enter
home for good
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Only the shaman saw
inside my mind
saw the total fatique
after the soul had seen it`s home
in a dream deeper than life

Walked down the staircase
of centurys
hidden in a cave shed my body like clothing
shadows on the rockwall accompanied
the beginning of flight
towards the tiniest bright light

high up

tunnel gets small and for a moment of despair
i`m doomed to dwell here
drawn to the light seen so far

remembered then
the essence can be
of any shape
not any more needed the human form

I enter

for a moment
then pushed back by gentle whisper

Waking in aching longing
tears follow trough mundane life
nothing matters yet everything counts
said the shaman with a wry smile
and walked away


my worst fear
to do all this again
from the beginning
circle of life

one`s supposed to love it
to join the life, the merry party
be strong, be tough, carry on like a lady
see no evil, praise the beauty

i see the beauty, but it holds nothing to me, anymore
all i feel is this strange calling
this pull, stronger than anything that used to matter
doubting is it real, or just fantasy
but i have no choise, it has taken all of me
and remains the only cause to carry on


I see something pure when I look at You
under Your cover
Do You know how delicate You seem to me
under your addiction

Surely You know
I`m still here
just waiting for

They say You`re a coward
don`t they see where the wings were ripped off
You were loved for Your successes
did anyone care for Your emptyness

Surely You know
I`m only here
just waiting
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amongst people and busy work,
alone in the lush green woods,
or staring back in time under the milkyway,
I get this feeling,
like standing still in the eye of a storm.
At that very moment
I feel connected.
There is peace and harmony to be found,
sometimes a scent, just for a fragment of time,
or some other faint clue
of Your presence,

May it be now,
past or future,
here or in other realms,
imagination or the absolute truth,
it is enough,
for me to long only for You,
to love.
Again, without a doubt
I`ll go on until found and united,
once more.

Blink of an eye,
the veil settles back down
and everything is gone.
I`m left with just an internal bleeding,
this ripped, skinless feeling,
nerves are bare, music fading.

Moments like those they nearly ended me,
but hey, getting better at this beastly play,
embracing now the pain,
`cause the rest,

it is all gone.
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In the middle of nowhere

secluded place

inside a blank painting

thick falling curtain

covering the prints leading here

and wiping away the destiny

cold and warm seeping in one another

pure white above, as below

muffled sounds of a sleeping forest all around

silent rest in the calm loneliness

Someday i`ll stay
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How come loving one soul

can balance the scale,

where on the other side

you see hunger and pain,

cruelty, evil, sickness and fear

of the whole wide world.

And on the other hand,

loving this one single soul

makes it all somewhat bearable.

Such foolish thing

love is

to me.
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leikattu kivi

sisäpinta karhea, rosoinen

täynnä tietoutta muodosta joka siltä puuttuu

tietous joka määrittää sen nimen toiseksi

se ei ole enää kivi,


jostakin kokonaisuudesta

nyt jo näkymättömästä.

aika hioo uuden pinnan

kätkee katseilta näennäisesti

sisäpinnan raa´an kaipuun

jonka tuntiessaan muistaisi

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in shadowland your hunt is so swift

your search ongoing for too long

catched glimpses sometimes

and like bloodhound you charged after them

your poison, your chi

so close there in shadows

but here, in this land between

they think such thirst is only found in tales

while licking your veins

rest a while but know, you can´t stay

return to your shaded chase

and growl out your eternal thirst

so the prey knows

the hunt is on
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Hunter without game

Dream of coming home

to a place where only souls arrive

May I rest, Osiris, don´t make me go back, Osiris

I´ve failed, erred so badly, didn´t I ?

Why no will to go on without

why do I die without



Incapable of love

incapable of living

I am done searching

for mysteries

for God


I´m sick of the play I encounter every day

What justifies the world without

a higher goal

What justifies my life without You

I´ve failed, erred so badly, didn´t I

Hunter without game

May I rest ,Osiris, don´t make me go back, Osiris

Too weak at heart

to search for the one

who weaved the dream

Entwined in mine were Yours too

Erred so badly, haven´t I

Why was I awakened to be

failed hunter, vanish to dust

I deserve it Osiris, shreds around the Universe

Divided will be the pain

Divided the despair

Divided the love, Osiris

Striding along

Have You lost it too

reason to keep on breathing

and believing

Did it cast You

this deep too ?

And what was Your reason to stop the bleed,

master again the time fleeing ?

I keep on walking

these paths I´ve chosen

At best

I feel nothing

I want nothing

I am nothing.

Friend, is this the state of the enlightened

or the dead ?

But when the night falls

do You relive it too, knowing it´ll kill You,

that warmth around the fire

And do You long for the impossible, again

crave for that touch

to the depths of Your soul

Do You feel all You had

in You to give

before the silence

I try to keep on walking

these paths in front of me

At best

I feel nothing

I wan´t nothing

I am nothing

Friend, is this eternity

or was it the life before?
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listen to the hymn of stars

and you can hear

all those moments

thought to be lost in time

all those specks of dust, singing

and somewhere there

one that cares
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Following those

salty drops on poets prints

leading to a world behind smoke and shadow

granting access to immortal and unending landscapes

part of you then forever bound to wonderlands

plain in sight at that last day lunar light

images and lore of words

enchants your longing for that world

to grow

wild wild roses

Odottavan aika on pitkä... :P

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Shivering, feeling like all the blood has fled

and ran into the heart.

There`s this odd, swelling sensation that erupts as dripping tears;

joy, wonder, fear, doubt, and somehow, all the colours..

What can I say that haven't been said a thousand times, or more?

I say it anyway. You`re in my heart.

I´m shaken.
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Of Life

hey marionette inside

all the breathing beating like stormy season

when wide open

blasting joyously into flames by careless warmth witnessed

only desperate dance clenches away the sorrow that wrenches apart, into coldness

when touched by opposite and left in dark

living with all encompassing heart


and Agape

at some scarcely rare

cherished moment of harmony sensing

`how may a snowflake exist in a raging fire´

breath in courage, traveller

shut them, step into it

swirling fountain of diversity, time and space

waves of luminous Force Major

look further and beyond

find all of that limitless infinite web of life

high, low and the sideshow

breath out the boundaries set

love includes all

if not, is it the Source

or just a beginning

all roads united at last stop if the tale is true

if not, then lets not talk about love

but division

bend by the prism of this realm

each light coming from one

giving out myriads of hues

that the rainbow seals

beloved mystery to what we´ re all given a key
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harmaalla taivaalla alati muuttuvat muodot

tuulen tilassa tanssivat pilvet

valo pisaroi havujen kärjissä

hengitän pihkan tuoksua

kuulen maan kaipaavan huokauksen

aallon vetäytyessä kauemmaksi

ennen uutta omistavaa virtausta valloittamilleen kallioille

merellä sinun silmäsi

muistan kesäauringon kipuamisen

kuinka maan sylissä lepäävän veden läheisyys

sai lintuni lentoon

sulan kosketuksen lähetin

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Birds view

There it stands

the dark man at the other end

guard of the blooming field

throwing deadly threats in the wind

Gloomy figure towering the sky

casting shadows, blackening the sight

floating rags, keep away

whoever comes wont last a day

don't wait for night, frosty bite

A doomed fight

And there it is

cursed creature of old tales

ragged bird fled from battlefields

Bones used for wishing

its flight a bad omen

claws and beak meant to tear the dead

wings to carry souls, steal all bright

eyes to bring pain and memories

Heart captivated

it can not flee, bring it all on

and even more

There they are

sharing a soil and scenery

one telling a story of a sad clown

to a broken healer

Equally frightened

not for death and shadow

but the life they see

in each other

Spiraling universal irony

dark side of love

the circus for the lost

Bring it on

and even more
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Midwinter and it broke free

I assume it got help from a tune

soft words and melody of an eve

Reason tried its best, ´ you can never be enough

for such a vast realm, give it a rest`

But heart, it went on, led me to a tranquil sleep

showed a way to the yearned dream

Total surrender to a feel
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planeettojen hiljaiseen huminaan

pääsee valloilleen

täyttymätön kipunoi kaipuutaan

äärettömyyteen jähmettyvät kiteiset pisarat

hetken viiltävän

olla ehjä

alla ikiaikaisen

lohtunsa suo pimeyskin

kumu tähtien välinen

kelle valo sydämensä liian kaukainen

vaan matkata voi kaikkeuden kantamana

tuulen kuiskaava häivähdys

tunnetko sen väreilyn

läpi huntujen

alati kasvaen
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Riisuudu nyt
kanssani, kokonaan
Jätetään petettyjen epäilevä haarniska
ja rikkoutuneiden sirpaleinen iho
Tahdon koskettaa sinua
sipaista unelmiasi
tässä hetkessä suudella kuin olisimme ehjiä
ikuisuuden vapaita lapsia
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Voi jestas, että nämä runosi ovatkin niin hienoja. Suorastaan pysäyttäviä osa. Vilpitön kiitos, että sain lukea ne. :heart:
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When you feel my heat
Look into my eyes
It's where my demons hide
It's where my demons hide

Don't get too close
It's dark inside
It's where my demons hide
It's where my demons hide


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Voi jestas, että nämä runosi ovatkin niin hienoja. Suorastaan pysäyttäviä osa. Vilpitön kiitos, että sain lukea ne. :heart:

Oho..en tiedä mitä sanoa.. muuta kuin Kiitos, Kiitos kauniista sanoistasi !
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light under thunder dark

thrilling beacon, chilling sea

river of sound from throbbing heart

words under earth and rooftop morning glow

somewhere there underwater mirror image

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Over and out

highway up in the sky

remainds me of you
I felt when I broke something

you did the rest

clean cut that shouldn´t hurt

and I do

I do think of you

pieces of a puzzle you gave

and hooked

please keep me near you as I do you

travel lightly

I wish for you
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bringing forth that unsung power inside

seeping in dreams again

following the threads of lives

careful not to get lost like you did before

and yet long to, again

to loves enchantment and pulse

how sweet is the pain of us who love and never meet such depth revealed


that one look your doom

recognized the unleashed something waiting behind the door

of manners and agreeable life

the thirst and pull denied, running wild in the blood

i sometimes gaze too deep

and embody the call of the moon



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oh brother wolf

i am the bear

i am the shapeshifter whose alter ego is ten different things

i am fighter if there is a cause

i am love rest of the time

deep as ocean

i fly high and in another dimensions

i wander under earth and pet the snakes that guard the gates

i dance in dreams and change it all

guided by thunderbolt

i bring something else with me from my travels

something else to heal the world

i do not know why i am one of the travellers

or who is the cause

i am the gate between worlds

and i am not the only one

am i


many are called

but few are chosen

i do my deeds

for the force

i am

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whenever alone 

and rest of the world sleeping

or looking away


it sneakes in with soft, silent paws

sits down in the corner and waits

waits for me to acknowledge it´s irresistible being

and for the moment it can level me with it´s gaze


i tamed it long ago

but the gaze, it speaks of the wild still

and silently i cry so the world won´t notice

i cry after the strong howls and tender snowflakes

soulfull caresses and the evergreen


oh the world is good to me

so i´m ashamed of the cry

i get an understanding nod from the corner

and it leaves as swiftly as it came

to travel alone in the shadowy paths of summer nights

it´ll come again, changed but not tamed as it is

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