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Thesis about NW's lyrics? Hello from Poland!

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Hell'o, guys! \m/ Polish (fan)girl here. I must admit at the beginning that I registered on this forum for one particular reason: I am writing a BA thesis (Bachelor of Arts; graduation study; call it as you may) concerning Nightwish lyrics! And I NEED YOUR HELP!  :help:

I've been lstening to NW for quite a long time. In the middle of my studies I had some time and came back to them; it was a time that I could listen to them repeatedly over and over, you know, like re-discovering the band anew... And this idea came to my mind... that their work... lyrics, legacy, message aso would be a nice material for writing a thesis at the end of my... well... university career. 

So, if this is a good topic for this, firstly, please, help me find myself here! I don't know where to look for treads concerning their lyrics, the backgrounds and that. 

Secondly: if anyone know someone that know something about English linguistics, metaphors, semantics and stuff and would be able to contribute to my thesis, please let me know, let THEM know. I could use a lil' bit of help here as well. 

I know, this supposed to be my own study, but I am so short on time, and I thought that this Heavy Metal (Symphonic) Brotherhood would allow me to finish this ... writing... faster. 


A big high5 for all of you. I wish I searched here earlier... Well, procrastination, right?

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There are threads on this forum about NW lyrics. Just take a look at them and you'll have a lot of information.

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Sorry, but... are you sure you are going to get away with that?


I'm from engineering, so I don't know the deal with humanities, but I wouldn't take that for granted.

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Hello Gladys_dreams. You can also check my website if you want more information about the songs. I've been working on that for several years. What's exactly the approach you wanna take for the study? Music semiology? Discourse Analysis? Just the exophoric references to other works from the English literature?

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