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Within Temptation

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Although they are far more adventurous and innovative than Nightwish in their career, I personally think Within Temptation suffers a bit from the same problem: both NW with Emppu, as WT with Ruud & Stefan, don't get enough space to shine as guitarists to add that special layer of sound and creativeness to a song.
Not that it's 100% absolutely necessary, but it can add so much more to already fantastic music.
Remember how David Gilmour totally lightens up Pink Floyd-songs with his solo's and there are many more examples.To be honest, I can't remember any long solo's from WT at all on their studio albums. Maybe there are a few live, but I can't recall any. Maybe that someone can post some video's that I've never seen before of long WT-guitar solo's.   :dunno:
Saying that, I must confess that I think that Sharon simply sings too much on songs. Sometimes so much, especially live, that her effort and pronounciation gets a bit drowned. They have so many fantastic songs that are suitable for a guitar solo treatment and where a bit less of Sharon's singing would improve the quality of the songs. But my guess is that Sharon, as founder/composer/writer, has quite a big say in how it all turns out.  
Can you imagine how exciting a guitar duel between Ruud and Stefan on a song like 'The heart of everything' or 'Stairway to the skies' would be? Not to mention how epic that could be live? For me this is the thing I miss most, while listening to both WT and NW.
Just listen to some Maiden United-songs if you want to hear Ruud get his fix of solo's, because the man can play!
And it doesn't have to be screaming metal guitars either!

I agree Ruud and Stefan/ Robert should be be able to show off there skills more. There is a bit of a duel on the song "Hand of Sorrow" which i like but am always a bit dissapointed that it didn't lead to anything more. The song itself is one of my favorites of theirs though. Does Robert play on the albums or is it Stefan? I wonder how much input Stefan has on t he songs. I presume its mostly Sharon and Robert writing though.



Fixed the quote. - Dandelion

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There's absolutely nothing going on at WT's fansite (their latest contribution is from the 14th of November last year and that's a 'fan of the week'-thing :woot:) and apart from some Black X-mas promotion, the same goes for their Facebook. No appearances on tv, radio or 'dancing with the stars' either. 

Have they gone on a prolonged ski holiday, are they in hibernation or are they working 24/7 on their new album? Can't remember such a long period of inactivity in the media, so it must mean something good!


For all of their hibernation victims, a collection of their live performances. The poster says they are the best, but that's for everyone him/herself to decide. It will keep you off the streets for a prolific 7000 and 47 seconds!! ;)



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 ┬┤dance me to your beauty with a burning violin, 

  lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove,

  raise a tent of shelter now, though every thread is torn,

  we're both of us beneath our love, we're both of us above, dance me till the end of love┬┤


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Yesterday Sharon posted a picture from the atudio on her Facebook and asked people to be patient for what's coming!
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Nice compilation!!!  :music:  :music:

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